Bike to Flower Shop

Photo Credit: Janet Speight

Raining Day in Paris

Photo Credit: Janet Speight

Shibori dream

Yum Bowl

Photo Credit: The Original YumBowl  & room 201 

Free Style santa

Farm House

Photo Credit: Janet Speight

Boss turkey & Pumpkin hat

Work from home

In this together

6 feet

Bunny Bum

milky way

outdoor penguins


little town

Jack's Carrots

Jack found his first carrot in California. After years carrots hunting. He decided to take a break and travel to Montana with his camper van. He watched starts along and sang to himself with all the trees. He felt a bit longly... By good luck, he met Jane in the pumpkin farm next year. Now they live together happily in half moon bay.


{ My first character "Jack" for tableware design was created on 2017. Named after my father to honor his support in many aspects of my life }